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1) Have a written project plan

Run your fundraiser like a small business. Have a written project plan that spells out all roles and responsibilities.
Slot motivated individuals into those roles and equip them with everything they need to do a great job.

2) Use your website

If you don’t have one, get one. Use it to communicate goals, thank your sponsors, highlight periodic offerings, recognize successes, honor individual contributors, etc.
Promote your web site on all your materials.

3) Review previous records

See what’s been successful before. Look for ways to improve upon the past.
What items sold best? Get more of them.
Has your gift-wrap sale lost its luster with declining revenues?
Jazz it up with newer offerings.

4) Set a specific timeline

Make sure that your start date and end date are both firm. The best selling period is 17 days, including 3 weekends.
Any longer and the drive runs out of gas; any shorter and you limit your prospects.
Avoid any scheduling conflicts.
Plan ahead to avoid overlapping other important community events, holidays, etc.

5) Actively recruit volunteers

Get more and better volunteers by going after them. Don’t wait for them to come to you.
Use a calling tree to root out prospects.
Ask for dads, older siblings, and grandparents to get involved.
Advertise for specific help via newsletters and word of mouth.

6) Identify needs and define roles

Do it ahead of time and match your group’s needs to each volunteer’s skills and availability by including it in each position’s description.

7) Use different people

Double up, particularly for key positions.
Fill organizational roles well ahead of time with different people than on the last fundraiser, unless there is a good reason not to switch.

8) Start early to broaden participation

Put the word out early and often about what volunteers you need.
Get plenty of them so no one feels overworked.
Offer a volunteer sign-up sheet for different events at every meeting.

9) Have a master sergeant

Use a strong communicator to help group and assign volunteers.

Some people are a natural for this key role.

10) Set small group goals

Break overall goal down into what’s needed from each sub-group.
Set up each unit with their own goal and translate that into what’s in it for them.
Reward each sub-group based on their own success.
That will reinforce the correlation between funds raised and their own efforts.


Once your fundraising is organized, everything else is a whole lot easier!

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Kimberly Reynolds writes for national publications about nonprofit fundraisers, preparing for your next fundraiser and charity fundraiser events. Find more school fundraising ideas on her website, FundraiserHelp.com

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Donations are the whole point to a fundraiser letter. But do you know how much to ask for?

If you ask too much you may lose the potential donor.

If, on the other hand, you ask for too little, you may either end up losing money or end up with an amount that would not justify all that effort.

What payment options should you present to your potential donor?

For example, should your “price points” on your ORDER FORM be

$1, $5, $10, $___ OTHER or… $10, $50, $100, $___ OTHER ?

I’m faced with the same question myself every time I draft a fundraiser letter.

Here are two important variables to consider:

1) What is the overall socioeconomic profile of your mailing list?

If you’ve rented a list from a mail company, what is the average income data on the Data Card?

If you ask for an average $50 donation from a group that makes $20K a year (or $10 an hour), you may lose them right on the spot. Perhaps it’s better to ask for a one-hour’s wage ($10) instead of five from such a group.

If however you’re mailing to an $100K a year income group, that translates to $50 an hour. Such folks might not mind donating one hour’s worth of wages for a worthy cause.

2) What is your per-piece cost and response rate?

Here I’m going to make 2 assumptions: a) Your response rate is 2%, which is the generally accepted rate in the industry. b) Your cost per envelope is 50 cents, without any Business Reply Mail (which would add another 40 cents per returned piece.)

If, let’s say, you are planning to mail 1,000 pieces, your cost would be $500.

At 2% return rate, you’ll get back 20 donations. That means your average donation has to be $25 to break even.

To make more, you either have to increase your response rate or the suggested average donation.

Probably there is more you can do to increase the response rate than to decrease your basic per-letter cost and that’s where the art of copywriting comes into play.

You can try mailing out different versions of the same letter in small batches and see which one has a stronger pull. Then you can make that your “control” copy, as called in the industry, and “roll it out” to a larger mailing list.

Good luck and let me know if I can help.

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(410 words, Copyright May 2006 Ugur Akinci)

by Ugur Akinci, Ph.D.

Creative Copywriter and Technical Communicator



Ugur Akinci, Ph.D. is a Creative Copywriter, Editor, an experienced and award-winning Technical Communicator specializing in fundraising packages, direct sales copy, web content, press releases and hi-tech documentation.

He has worked as a Technical Writer for Fortune 100 companies for the last 7 years.

You can reach him at writer111@gmail.com for a FREE consultation on all your copywriting needs.

Please visit his official web site http://www.writer111.com for customer testimonials and more information on his multidisciplinary background and career.

The last book he has edited: http://www.lulu.com/content/263630

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I hear this at the end of every Fall fundraising season… “I wish we had done better.” Or, “I don’t know what happened, but we didn’t do as well as I thought we should have.”

Being on the receiving end of this because we run hundreds of school fundraisers every semester, I can tell you my take on “WHY” most of these groups didn’t meet their expectations. The only problem with me saying it is that most people will simply nod their head in agreement and then go on their way forgetting about it because it sounds to unbelievably simple to work or it goes against their own notion of what works and what doesn’t.

I can say that without a doubt that as long as a school does a main stream product line, as opposed to some quaint product line you will find in the fundraising world, in their school fundraisers, they can and do have above average sales “IF” they do one thing. One simple thing, that’s it. The answer to a great fundraising program can be summarized in three words… Do Great Prizes!

That’s it! If you do average everyday prizes you will have an average everyday school fundraiser. If you skimp on prizes, you will have a poor sale. If you enter a partnership with your fundraising company and charge full bore into giving premium prizes at the right levels, you will make much more profit than you thought possible. Period.

The facts don’t lie. This is not my opinion or bias, it’s just a plain and simple fact. This is based on the results that even you could take a look at on our website. If you “Wow” the students and their parents with the prize incentives you offer with your fundraiser, they will “Wow” you with results that you did not expect. Pretty simply stated, if you make it worth their while to participate in your school fundraising drive, they will more than likely do just that… participate! And participation is where you make your money.

It is not getting more students selling 40-80 items, it’s getting 50-100 more students that sold nothing last time to sell 5 or more things this time. Think about it, which would you rather have, 3 students selling 50 things or 100 students selling 5 things?

The method of going about how you put the “Wow” in your incentive program is a little more involved that adding a drawing for a 40 gig IPod, but it is pretty simple. In fact, if all you do is add a $200 IPod or Xbox game as your top seller prize, the only thing that will happen is you’ll waste $200. But, there is a way to structure your “Wow” factor that will increase your participation and the level of that participation. In most cases, the first time you set up your school fundraiser incentive program in a “Wow” way, you’ll more than likely see anywhere from a 40% – 200% increase in your previous sales.

Like I said earlier, this is just too simple and the claim just a little too far “out there” for many people to accept it. It’s simplicity and outlandish nature however, does not change the fact that it works for school fundraisers almost every time it is tried. Period.

Copyright (c) 2008 AIM Fundraising

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One thing that we at AIM Fundraising have done over the past 20 years is watch, listen and learn from the tens of thousands of school fundraisers we have run. Why do some school fundraisers do better than others even when all other factors are the same? Visit our site to see what we’ve learned about maximizing your school fundraiser.

Article Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Single-Key-Factor-Lending-to-a-Profitable-School-Fundraiser&id=1713714

Are you attending a church full of life and enthusiasm for Christ or are you in a church where the members are slowing down and feeling less willing to step up and join in? Both scenarios are quite common in churches of today. If you are a church worker in a church that fits the bill for this second scenario you job of fundraising just got harder.

You may be asking yourself how I fundraise when my congregation does not want to hear us asking for more money. This becomes your challenge. Your congregation has been to the bake sales fundraiser and they come and shop at the annual rummage sale fundraiser but they may not want to give much more than this.

For you the church worker who has done the cell phone fundraiser and the ink cartridge fundraiser here is an idea to shake things up a bit.

How about a progressive Trivial Pursuit Tournament Fundraiser. The way this works is similar to a chess tournament. Your Trivial Pursuit participants pay an entrance fee to enter the tournament. You will have 10 to 20 Trivial Pursuit games going in the beginning. Then with the end of each round your pool of player’s narrows until the final two players are playing the last round in the tournament. Prizes are awarded to the winning player and the runner up.

You should have snacks available for sale and if your church is progressive you may even have beer and wine available. A progressive Trivial Pursuit Fundraiser is so much fun that as you will find your group growing larger each year. It is as much fun to come and participate as it is to watch. Your congregants may even find themselves inviting friends to come and watch. When this begins to happen your fundraiser has now gone from a straight fundraiser to an amazing outreach opportunity, and when we really stop to think about it our charge is to witness.

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Shauna Hanus of [http://www.laetans.com] builds and maintains fundraising websites for churches and small ministries. Shauna has years of experience building websites and internet marketing. For more information on how to get a free fundraising website for your church visit [http://www.laetans.com]

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Organizing a golf tournament is something that can be done to raise money for a charity or a local school or even to raise awareness for an important cause and get more people involved. Once you choose to have a charity golf tournament you need to start planning the details. You can send out a questionnaire to gauge interest in your tournament to help you with planning, logistics and budgets.

You are going to want to start off by appointing a small committee to get things going. This is going to be your group of people who are in charge of contacting potential sponsors and creating the details along with recruiting golfers for the tournament.

You need to try to gauge how large this event is going to be, this will help you with your planning. Organizing the event starts with choosing your time, date and golf course. This starts with finding a golf course to host the tournament. If you have several choices find out what each has to offer before making your selection. You need to do this as early as possible to make sure you get the deposits and such taken care of and keep from having problems of being double booked.

Name your tournament and let others know about it. For your tournament fundraiser to be successful you have to raise awareness; this can be done by word of mouth as well as having golf tournament signs made. You can also contact the larger businesses in your area and discuss their possible interest in being involved.

You will need to choose a format for your tournament. You can make this decision using information about the skill levels that you plan on having included in your tournament. You need to decide if this is going to be a team tournament or a singles event as well.

It is important to stay within budget of course, but you are going to want to decide if you want to provide refreshments and what prizes you want to include. A plaque with the winner’s name can be given and the money that you collect from fees for the tournament can be used for your charity or organization. These decisions need to be made early on.

When thinking of your budget it is important to remember that, like most things, if you choose to have the tournament during the week or the off season you can save money. This can also be more difficult to find participants so it is something you will want to weigh carefully before making your decisions.

If this is going to be a very large event you are going to want to get help to plan the details. Having a dedicated and enthusiastic team is important. You will need to have others on your team with you if you want to make your golf tournament fundraising event to be successful.

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Visit us for more information on charity golf gifts, running a golf tournament and charity golf tournament planning tips.

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There are many ways to run a carwash fundraiser and one of the best ways is to have a car-wash-athon. This is where you get pledges from people who will give you perhaps anywhere from a penny to $.10 for every car you wash. If you have a very busy carwash fundraiser you may be able to wash between 200 and 300 cars and this can add up to quite a bit of money if people are pledging five cents per car washed.

If you have a nonprofit group which is a sports team such as a soccer team or baseball team and you have 20 kids and each kid gets two pages worth of sponsors at five cents each worth of money on a page that would be 40 sponsors and that means you get two dollars per kid per car you wash or $20 for every car you wash. That is a significant amount of money.

One other thing you need to realize is that you will only collect about 80% of all the pledges that were pledged. Some people will not be around to collect and or refuse to pay. There is not much you can do about this, so it is good to know in advance of this problem.

If you can make $20 for every car you wash you can see why a wash-athon car wash fundraisers are better than one, which simply charges five dollars for every car that comes through. Of course realize there is a lot of upfront time spent in a wash-athon carwash fundraiser due to the additional organization required. Please consider all this in 2006.

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“Lance Winslow” – Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; www.WorldThinkTank.net/. Lance is an online writer in retirement.

Article Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Why-Consider-a-Wash-A-Thon-Car-Wash-Fundraiser?&id=321369

Let’s face it, raising funds in the current economy isn’t getting any easier. Many organizations are looking for ways to conduct fundraisers at a time when people are losing jobs and sometimes even their homes. Schools, charities, sports teams and churches are all working hard at fundraising to promote learning, community involvement, physical recreation, youth programs, field trips, improvements to buildings and so much more. And they are all competing for a limited amount of funds. School fundraising has become quite prominent, as there are many sports programs that require expensive equipment.

There are many reasons that organizations such as these find it necessary to raise funds. For starters, budget shortfalls are on the rise, often while beneficiary numbers remain the same. Additionally, many places that find the need to raise funds are dealing with children, which often means that instruction and learning are involved. These programs can cost a lot of money that is not readily available. While school fundraisers are one of the most common types of fundraising there are also many churches and charities that employ this method of funding as well.

The wheels are put in motion when organizers have found a worthy cause, but funds are not there yet, and must somehow be raised. Without these extra, unbudgeted funds, important services would eventually become impossible to offer, even if interest and participation levels remain high. All of these situations present challenges, and require fundraising organizers to become even more creative when planning their programs.

Clearly, there are some things that people must have, regardless of the economy, and selling this type of item is perfect for fundraising. Food is one of those items. Raising funds by offering one of life’s basic needs is a smart choice, regardless of the condition of the economy. After all, people will always have to eat. It is much easier for an organization to meet its fundraising challenges when potential donors can readily see how they will benefit from donating.

As already mentioned, offering food for sale is a great choice. More precisely, a particularly good food choice is frozen food, and a very good example is frozen cookie dough. Frozen cookie dough allows people to buy something tasty, at the same time as they help support their local school, church, team, or club. This kind of fundraiser is truly a win-win situation.

One reason a cookie dough fundraiser is a wise choice over fresh foods, is that customers usually want to eat fresh food purchases right away before they become stale. With frozen foods, however, busy moms, dads, teachers, and parishioners have the option of enjoying their frozen treat whenever they find it most timely.

Clearly, cookie dough has many advantages over other fundraising products. So if you are looking for something to sell at your next fundraiser, consider selling tempting frozen cookie dough. It’s sure to bring in a lot of dough, and you’ll have a long list of customers eager to buy even more next year.

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For a great school fundraising service call Otis Spunkmeyer Fundraising. We’ll provide a cookie dough fundraiser turnkey solution to help your school or organization make a significant amount of money and have fun too. Call us at 1-888-ASK-OTIS

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Find more information, see a Rancilio Silvia V3 Espresso Machine or a Rancilio Silvia V3 or the Rancilio Espresso Machines

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If you’re looking for easy fundraiser ideas, there are some things you should consider in order to make your best effort. For instance, you should consider partnering with an established entity in the world of fund raising. Whether you are trying to earn funds for a high school, church event or what have you, experience is the best teacher; especially when you can watch someone else do the learning for you.

As mentioned above, partnering with a larger, more experienced company may be one of the most effective ways of implementing your easy fundraiser ideas once you’ve decided on them. Stores such as Sears and other large companies often are eager to help. Approaching them in person can be tricky, but you’re certainly best off with speaking to a manager. In addition, local supermarkets may be willing to donate a few items to be sold for your fundraiser.

Volunteers can be an absolutely priceless resource in implementing your easy fundraiser ideas. Don’t underestimate the value of people who are motivated to help you, regardless of not being paid. Schools and churches often have volunteer networks. A side benefit of volunteer help is that many are older and more experienced, further proving themselves an asset for your fund raising event.

For the sake of cost, your best bet is the old investment maxim, “Buy low, sell high”. Donated materials are obviously cheapest of all, but don’t forget to minimize other costs to you- the more money you don’t spend, the more you have to put toward your cause.

Should you consider buying an item and having it shipped, remember that shipping can often be expensive. An email to support may give you room to negotiate on price and shipping costs. It doesn’t cost anything to ask, after all. Some websites, such as Amazon.com, will help support a fund raising event so don’t count out web sites just because of shipping costs. Often, this can be a much more viable option.

By far, the most popular choice for easy fundraiser ideas is to have a baked good or other home made item offered. People enjoy home made cookies and cupcakes and the accompanying treat will help them remember your cause fondly. People generally tend to be more generous when one of their five senses are stimulated.

If a friend or loved one knits or has some other skill that produces a personalized, home made item, these would be good candidates for raising funds. Obvious choices such as these are augmented with unique choices. Do you or someone you know have a unique skill? Maybe your son or daughter knows how to make a web page or edit photos with Adobe Photoshop. You could offer these services in addition to or as an alternative to, cookies or cupcakes. If you’re on a diet and don’t want cupcakes, you might get an equally satisfied feel from not only donating but also to getting something you need or want.

Below are 5 easy fundraiser ideas for Your Convenience:

  1. Partner With an Established Entity
  2. Rely on Experienced Advice
  3. Minimize Costs
  4. Recruit Help/ Volunteers
  5. Offer something of Value (such as baked goods or a service you can provide yourself)

Author Bio:

For more good information, please see my easy fundraiser ideas blog. Additionally, you may find my Squidoo Lens on easy fundraiser ideas. My name is Jim McClinsey and writing helpful articles is my passion.

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Imagine that you are a not for profit organization and it has been decided that you will hold a fundraising event. This may sound like a lot of work and a hassle without much guarantee for a successful outcome. As with anything else dealing with money, fundraisers do not always work. The good news however is there are a few things you can do to further ensure a fundraiser works by getting the word out there properly. Here are a couple suggestions.

-Get in touch with all of your contacts. This includes speaking to your family and friends in person as well as phoning others who live farther away. Also come up with snail mail and email campaigns designed to reach more of your target donor audience. While snail mail might be costly, you can reach people who do not have computers.

-Type up a press release. A press release is a form designed to inform newscasters and reporters about reporting to the public about your event. Make sure the press release is catchy and will get a reporter’s attention.

So you see, there are several ways in which you can inform literally thousands of people about your fundraising event. Especially with our last suggestion, a reporter has the capability to reach thousands or millions via internet news websites, television, radio, and newspapers. Approach fundraising with some energy dedicated to informing as many potential donors as possible and you will see that successful fundraising does not have to be the headache it you may have thought it would be.

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Cevo is a fundraising expert and loves to offer his advice free of charge to any organization that is willing to listen! For more free advice from Cevo and his associates visit his blog at: http://superfundraiser.com/blog/

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